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Are you looking for Free Roblox Outfits? Yes, then you are at the right place. As Roblox is one of the most popular games all over the world and there are a lot of gamers playing this game on a daily basis. However to look like a pro player in Roblox you need to buy Roblox in-game currency Robux using real money. But most gamers don’t prefer spending money on games thus they always look for free alternatives. Therefore today in this article we are sharing with you the best Free Roblox Outfits that you can use to look like a pro player.

What Are Free Roblox Outfits?

In Roblox, every player has their own avatar that is there in the game character. To give a unique and attractive look to your avatar, gamers buy many cool outfits for them. All these outfits cost you a lot of money and become hard for a player to get multiple outfits that allow you to perform multiple customizations to their character and give him a unique look. Thus if you get numerous Free Roblox Outfits you can make an infinite number of combinations and offer an astonishing look to your avatar.

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List Of Free Roblox Outfits Boys


With this outfit, you will get a Rap Hat, Joggers W Vans, Purple Flames Bandana, and Purple Winter Scarf.


With this outfit, you will get Black Jeans and Spiked Hair in blonde color. In addition to this, you get a john’s face and a stylish Roblox jacket.


With this outfit, you will get an EyePatch, Straw Hat, Black Manga Hero hair, and a complete Adidas tracksuit.

Drop Dead Tedd

With these outfits, you will get black jeans, white shoes, and a white denim jacket. Moreover, you can also get KSI golden headphones, a Roblox shirt, hair, sunglasses, and a royal blood beanie.


With this outfit, you will get Beautiful Hair, Paper Hat, Joyous Surprise, and Khaki Chinos with White Mu Speakers.

White Trench Coat

This offers you a simple pattern Roblox shirt and a stunning white trench coat.


With this outfit, you get multiple things like Black Bear Mask Hoodie, Clout Goggles, Mad Scientist Hair, Black Jeans with White Shoes, and Duffel Bag.

Bandito Army Jacket

With this you will get a Bandito Army Jacket with Black jeans, drown charmer’s hair, an orange colors zip hoodie, and a Man face.

List Of Free Roblox Outfits Girls

Octavia, The Ivory Spider-Girl

This is an amazing outfit if you are going to a Halloween party with your friend or just wanted to catch everyone on the streets. It has a red and black outfit with a spider web.

Tie-Front Top

With this outfit, you will get Jean Shorts, Straight Hair in Blonde Colour, a white Tie-Front Top, and Silly fun.


Blazeburner is an attractive outfit with a unique look.

Knit Sweater

With this outfit, you will get Jean Shorts, Straight hair in Blonde color, Knit Sweater in Beigecolorr, and a knit sweater in black or grey.

Office Look

In this, you will get classy office look outfits that include headphones, a grey coat, a t-shirt, black pants, socks, and sandals.

Sleepy Pyjama

Black Ponytail, ZZZ Headband, and Sleepy Pyjama.

The High Seas: Beatrix The Pirate Queen

This is one of the coolest outfits that you can get for free. With this outfit, you will get an entire outfit of a pirate queen that has a hat, pirate shoes, a long co, and a trouser.

City Life Woman

This offers you a complete outfit of a modern city girl that includes a cool t-shirt, boots, black pants, and blond hair.


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