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Persona 5 is an awesome and highly popular game. Many of you may think Persona 5 is the 5th part of this game but this is the only part of this game. It is a Japanese Anime style role-playing game. In this game, you are a warrior who wears a persona mask and you aim to fight against the monsters from the Metaverse and save their world. 

About Persona 5 PS3 ROM & ISO

In this game, you play the role of a male character who is a student from Shujin Academy. He has a lot of friends and enjoys exploring many different places with them. All the members in your group have special Persona powers and this organization of heroes is called “Phantom Thieves of Hearts”.  This organization aims to investigate the Metaverse space and deal with all the stuff related to it. 

You will get full freedom in this astonishing game. Find your enemies and destroy them all. All these monsters arise from the subconscious desires of each individual. They may create from the desire of a criminal and some evil people. Therefore there are your enemies who have unlimited powers and are extremely dangerous. 

Many Different Characters

The game has many different in-game characters and each character has their own special skills and abilities. You can communicate with every character in the game as they all are your friend and partner in all your missions. Ryuji Sakamoto is a co-founder of the group, Ann Takamaki is a beautiful girl who works as a fashion model, Morgana is an anonymous cat, and Yusuke Kitagawa is an artistic prodigy. And there are many other characters too like Hacker Futaba Sakura and Makoto Nijima who is the student council president of Shujin.

Fight Numerous battles Against Your Enemies

This is filled with many different and intense fights that make it an action-packed game. However, as you are a student in this game you have to manage your time between studying and fighting deadly battles. This game is not only about fighting with the evil people in the dark spaces but also about friendships, growth, love, and drama of eighteen boys and girls. 

Explore Many Different Places In the Metaverse

The gameplay of Persona 5 revolves around the monsters of Metaverse and the group of heroes who are friends with each other and have a cool life as a student. But what’s the Metaverse? So in this game Metaverse is a parallel space to the earth. This place is filled with many different and unusual things that you can’t even imagine. It is the place where all the monsters are born from the human subconscious mind and thinking. As you all may know, subconscious power is the most powerful power that human beings have. Therefore the game has some of the most deadly monsters. You all are hidden heroes in this game track down any suspicious activity in the Metaverse and finish it as soon as possible.

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